In the 21st century, while men wear fine watches at their wrist and luxury crafts at their feet, Pascal Mathieu offers a product of the finest savoir-faire for their eyes. Each pair of glasses is handmade in small quantities in our workshop in the French Jura, at one hour from Geneva. The know-how employed are those of the greatest watchmakers and jewelers.

The sunglasses are designed by hand and modeled in 3D in Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Steel, commonly used in watchmaking, was chosen for its solidity and the beauty of its reflections

The steel is placed into a drum to be brushed using the same know-how of high end jewelery

The shearing machine puts the metal frames of the branches to the right dimensions

The hinges are welded thanks to a machine requiring 25 different settings

Aluminum, commonly used in aviation and technological products for its lightness and strength, is machined with a 5-axis CNC machine

Each aluminum case is then hand polished by the eyewear artisans

Then passed to the mill to soften the edges

After 78 stages by 23 different craftsmen, each frame is checked under a magnifying glass and a microscope