Founder of the eponymous brand, Pascal Mathieu had the revelation of creating his own sunglasses on a long road from Idaho, between Jackson Hole and Alta. After driving under the snow through a small town called Paris, Idaho, the sky cleared up, the sun appeared and the idea of creating his own sunglasses appeared to him as a striking evidence. Pascal Mathieu lives in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, a town where outdoor and adrenaline lovers from all over the world meet.

Starting from a personal need, he wanted sunglasses representing the contemporary man, sublimating the multiple reflections of his personality. Going against the monolithic traditional vision of men, Pascal Mathieu decides to concretize his ideas. The resulting design is at the crossroads of his inspirations: watchmaking and technology.

In the same way that creativity occurs at intersections of thoughts, the intersection between the brushed steel and the aluminum of the frames is the distinctive edge and the most elegant element of Pascal Mathieu sunglasses.

“The glasses I wanted to create are both elegant and technical, refined and sporty, modern and traditional, sophisticated and simple. At the same time.

I designed them to be able to wear them myself, not finding glasses that I liked. They are multifaceted, with multiple reflections. In the image of ambivalence, of the multitude of contradictory ideas that I always have. I am rational and I am creative. I am selfish and I am selfless. Both at the same time. Designers, brands, society do not grasp this multiplicity and we tirelessly put in boxes. The box of the performance. The box of the force. The box of tradition. This monolithism is over. It is the digital revolution that is at work, it sweeps all the structures of society. The digital era in which we enter is similar to that of the Renaissance.

To realize and accept this multiplicity frees me. It makes me crazy.

And a crazy desire to have a cow as the logo of the brand.

A cow with style, who does not take herself seriously, an authentic cow, playful, free.”


Pascal Mathieu